Uristmaps 0.1 Release

Uristmaps has finally a release mechanism for Windows and can now (hopefully) without troubles be used on that platform without installing python and all dependencies. Head to the downloads section to get the 0.1 release. Linux and Mac users can just check out the v0.1 tag from the repository. See the main page's getting started section for documentation on how to use it.

I could get it to run on my test machine but please report any bugs and issues you find with uristmaps - especially on windows. You can report bugs on the issue tracker or the reddit thread for the release.

Also, I have updated the contrib page with some information about the graphics just in case someone is interested in changing them.

Features of this version

  • Render maps of any world size in a sattelite-like view
  • Sites are processed and placed on the map
  • Structures are placed on the map, structures are used to move the rough site coordinates to better positions
  • Index of all sites on the map

Known issues

  • For bigger maps the smaller zoom levels 1, 2 and maybe even 3 are skipped and not rendered. You will not see anything when zooming out then. (see Issue 2)


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