Uristmaps 0.3.1 Release

Took me some months of inactivity until I picked Uristmaps up again to work on it but I can now finally release a fresh version. This release comes after Uristmaps has been completely rewritten to bring improved performance and support for more platforms. There are also some new Features: new graphics, roads and tunnels, and population heatmaps.

For installation and usage instructions see the Getting Started section.


  • New graphics for all zoom levels.
  • Tunnels and roads appear on the map.
  • Reworked sidebar to list world info, sites, populations and a legend.
  • Heatmap overlays to show distribution of a selected population.
  • Complete rewrite in Java.
  • Improved performance to cut render time in half.
  • Configurable port number for integrated web server.


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