UristMaps uses some open source projects. If you'd like to contribute it will be helpful if you are familiar with these:
As the map interface.  
To manage the dependencies of the tasks to create the map tiles and information that leaflet is fed with.


Uristmaps is in dire need of improved graphics and a tileset that can bring the world to life. If you would like to help remedy this here is some information to get you started:
  • Uristmaps renders every world tile according to its biome
  • Structures such as villages, castles and rivers are rendered on top of a biome tile.
  • According to the zoom level the tiles are sized 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64px squared.
  • Structure tiles receive a suffix to specify if they have neighbouring structures of the same type: river.png is a river that is only on that single tile while river_ns.png shows a river tile that as another river tile in the north and south.
  • Tiles are placed in the tiles directory and are transformed into a tilesheet automatically when starting a map render.
  • You should not edit the tilesheet files directly as they will be overwritten automatically!