Uristmaps 0.2 Release

After some weeks of work the next version of the Dwarf Fortress world renderer Uristmaps is ready for public usage. This release brings two big new features: detailed site maps and population info to bring more detail to the world. Check the Demo for an example of what the current state of the map renderer looks like. Also there have been some fixes and the map generation has been streamlined a bit.

For installation and usage instructions see the Getting Started section.

There has been a hotfix - the current version is now 0.2.1!


  • New tooltips for sites including population details.
  • Display of detailed site maps. They can be activated with a button in the site's tooltip (when a detailed map is available).
  • Spoilery sites are now hidden by default. Can be changed in config.
  • Fixed rivers missing segments.
  • Slightly less clustering of markers.


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